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Artifact News
2003-12-13 18:31:12 New Artist Clay Chaplin in First Artifact Release

Southern California sound and video artist Clay Chaplin has released a new CD on Artifact, a set of structured improvisations performed using various controllers and a laptop computer. Spoken word samples from preachers, transients, wrestling commentators, and politicians are the primary sound sources. Check out the online mp3 samples on the Satellite Stutter page on this site, or visit Clay's personal website here for details about his amazing work.
2003-12-10 10:59:49 Perkis' MOTIVE MP3 Release superceded by Praemedia CD

Tim Perkis' MOTIVE CD, having been distributed as an MP3 release on the Artifact site for a while, is now available as a CD release on the Praemedia label. Something of a departure in style for Perkis from his live improvised electronics work, this is a set of layered studio pieces developed over the course of two years; rhythmic, textural, elegant, even...
2003-12-05 16:41:07 Bischoff's Aperture released on 23Five label

Artifact artist John Bischoff has a new CD of electronic solo works released on the 23Five label in San Francisco. See for details.
2003-03-16 15:10:10 Natto Quartet release on 482 Music

Again, not an Artifact release -- but Artifact artists Chris Brown and Tim Perkis together with Phillip Gelb and Shoko Hikage form the 'Natto Quartet', and 482Music of Chicago has released Headlands, the debut recording by the group.   Headlands features seven freely improvised works created by the group's unique instrumentation of shakuhachi, koto, piano, and live electronics.

"It's a truly new music unlike anything I've ever heard, a strong candidate for best avant project of 2003, and sure to turn many a global thinking, progressive minded ear inside out." -- M. Nastos, WEMU.

2003-01-16 15:58:35 Larry Polansky's CHANGE Released.

Newly released, Change, a collection of instrumental and electronic works by Larry Polansky, several of them composed with a computer using formal, mathematical, and software morphing techniques. The composer refers to these works as his 'morphing pieces' and they all explore musical change in diverse and strange ways. The various compositions include music for Western and Indonesian instruments, voices and computer, solo piano, electric guitar and rock band.
2002-05-06 10:00:46 Blue Gene Tyranny meets the Bifurcators in a new Artifact CD release

'Blue Gene' Tyranny, sensitive and remarkable pianist and improvisor, joins Philip Perkins and Scott Fraser, a.k.a. The Bifurcators, in performing an extended new improvisational work for piano with interactive electronics, Like A Bird In The Wilderness. The music is evocative, introspective, and slowly evolving, with the piano leading the way and the sparse, still electronic sounds poetically punctuating a musical phrase, creating a background, or playing a counterpoint to the piano, in every case creating a beautiful texture.
2001-10-19 09:15:17 New CD Release from Trayle

On Mark Trayle’s newest solo CD you’ll find music for computers and odd interfaces. In Arcana 33-1/3 Trayle looks for parallels between the information revolution and the industrial revolution using a digital gramophone and a tin can. ¢apital magneti¢ explores the musical possibilities of the credit card. And Ciprocal is a noisy and unpredictable piece made from webs of digital circuits.
2001-06-08 15:47:09 Fuzzybunny CD Released on French Label SONORE

No, it isn't an Artifact release, but Artifact regulars Chris Brown, Scot Gresham-Lancaster and Tim Perkis are all over it, so we're letting you know about the new release by their power improv electronic trio FUZZYBUNNY on the French label SONORE. If you like their previous work with the Hub -- or even if you don't -- you might find this one interesting. All-out "carnallectual" electronic improv, rockyroaded with pop-music fragments and sonic gags define some kind of new style difficult to describe.

Edwin Pouncey in The Wire called them "a total meltdown of the senses...a trio of smartarses with nothing to say." No comment. Check out the FUZZYBUNNY web page or the SONORE site for sound clips and more details.

ARTIFACT RECORDINGS is a project of Ubu, Incorporated, an artist-run, non-profit organization supporting experimental and electronic music and performance based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our compact disk series is dedicated to representing an independent experimental music tradition that continues to thrive in the cracks between the commercial, academic and classical music establishments.
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