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Satellite Stutter - Clay ChaplinMOTIVE - Tim PerkisCHANGE - Larry PolanskyRPM::MHZ - Mark TrayleLike a Bird in the Wilderness - The Bifurcators & Blue Gene TyrannyTransfixion - AntimatterThe Voice of the Poet - David MahlerNeoapplictana - Ben AzarmOxide - Circular Firing SquadDuets - Chris BrownBathtub Curve - Brian ReinboltThe Glass Hand - John BischoffSimulated Winds and Cries - Jim HortonGang of 2 - The BifurcatorsSimple Harmonic Motion - Larry PolanskyEtudes and Bagatelles - Mark TrayleWithin Earreach - Richard LermanWreckin' Ball - The HubSelected Works 1961-1969 - James TenneyTarzan Speaks - RotodotiIt's Not That Simple - Brian ReinboltThe Theory of Impossible Melody - Larry PolanskyArtificial Horizon - Bischoff/PerkisThe Hub - The HubSnakecharmer - Chris Brown
Satellite Stutter - Clay ChaplinCD1025 Satellite Stutter
Clay Chaplin
Digital Voice Obliterations
MOTIVE - Tim PerkisCD1024 MOTIVE
Tim Perkis
Perkis' MOTIVE now available on Praemedia
CHANGE - Larry PolanskyCD1023 CHANGE
Larry Polansky
New works for piano, voice, electric guitar and gamelan instruments.
RPM::MHZ - Mark TrayleCD1022 RPM::MHZ
Mark Trayle
Trayle's 2nd Artifact release: music for computers, gramophones, tin cans, credit-card readers.
Like a Bird in the Wilderness - The Bifurcators & Blue Gene TyrannyCD1021 Like a Bird in the Wilderness
The Bifurcators & Blue Gene Tyranny
A New Extended Improvised Work for Keyboard and Electronics
Transfixion - AntimatterCD1020 Transfixion
The Voice of the Poet - David MahlerCD1019 The Voice of the Poet
David Mahler
Works on tape 1972-1986
Neoapplictana - Ben AzarmCD1018 Neoapplictana
Ben Azarm
A 15-year retrospective of collaborative works featuring Ben Azarm with Sam Ashley, K. Atchley, John Bischoff, Barbara Golden, Bob Gonsalves, Jim Horton, and Brian Reinbolt.
Oxide - Circular Firing SquadCD1017 Oxide
Circular Firing Squad
acoustic/electronic landscapes by four improvising composers.
Duets - Chris BrownCD1016 Duets
Chris Brown
Live Interactive Electronic Music Duets
Bathtub Curve - Brian ReinboltCD1015 Bathtub Curve
Brian Reinbolt
Further evocative excursions from Reinbolt's
The Glass Hand - John BischoffCD1014 The Glass Hand
John Bischoff
Searingly sculpted electronic audio by an original voice in 'live' computer music.
Simulated Winds and Cries - Jim HortonCD1013 Simulated Winds and Cries
Jim Horton
Stunning ambient electronics by one of the pioneers of experimental computer music in the Bay Area.
Gang of 2 - The BifurcatorsCD1012 Gang of 2
The Bifurcators
Live recordings of ensemble works for instruments, computers and other electronics
Simple Harmonic Motion - Larry PolanskyCD1011 Simple Harmonic Motion
Larry Polansky
Works for instruments in just intonation.
Etudes and Bagatelles - Mark TrayleCD1010 Etudes and Bagatelles
Mark Trayle
Interactive computer music compositions.
Within Earreach - Richard LermanCD1009 Within Earreach
Richard Lerman
Sonic Journeys recorded mostly from hand built microphones.
Wreckin' Ball - The HubCD1008 Wreckin' Ball
The Hub
More live network band music, recorded in concert in the U.S. and Europe.
Selected Works 1961-1969 - James TenneyCD1007 Selected Works 1961-1969
James Tenney
Tarzan Speaks - RotodotiCD1006 Tarzan Speaks
Live improvised music with electroacoustic percussion, voice, trombone, cello and computer-controlled synthesizer.
It's Not That Simple - Brian ReinboltCD1005 It's Not That Simple
Brian Reinbolt
Computer controlled compositions designed for continuous installations
The Theory of Impossible Melody - Larry PolanskyCD1004 The Theory of Impossible Melody
Larry Polansky
Compositions for computer, voice and instruments.
Artificial Horizon - Bischoff/PerkisCD1003 Artificial Horizon
Music for new hardware and software instruments
The Hub - The HubCD1002 The Hub
The Hub
Computer Network Music by the world's premier computer network band. OUT OF PRINT
Snakecharmer - Chris BrownCD1001 Snakecharmer
Chris Brown
Music for solo performer and live electronics. OUT OF PRINT